Is the new GitHub feature really helpful ?

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The new GitHub feature to open a cloud VSCode by pressing . is helpful but is it really good for the future of Programming ?

The answer is It Depends.

The feature is not good for team development. It is only good for personal projects. But for teams instead GitHub has some good features like Atom Teletype (as GitHub is the creator of Atom) or GitHub Codespaces (not available for free). Atom Teletype is much better than this when it comes to team development or remote development. Because their the entire team can work on the same project on the same time with live changes. But the new GitHub Code feature is not bad for Individuals as they can work on their project anywhere without the need to launch their IDE. But it also has some bad sides for individuals. For example, you're working on a website, in your local PC you can edit the website's source code and see the website locally and test it but in GitHub Code (I say GitHub web VSCode as GitHub Code!) you can only change the source code and commit changes without testing.

So, the complete answer is: for Teams it is not helpful but for individuals it is great.

I'm saying everything according to my opinion and I hope you'll like this article. If yes or you have some issues here please let me know in comments!

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Rajdeep Malakar

Rajdeep Malakar