What is the easiest and best way to generate Social Media Images ?

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If you're a Content Creator or you loves writing blogs, then one of the greatest problem comes around is Social Image for Blog Posts. There are some expensive paid services like Placid.app.

They are easier to integrate in your blog but should use them ?

So, there is a new Product called ShareImage which automates the whole process.

The ShareImage library is available in both Python and Node.js and there is also a fast, free API! So in this article I'll show you how to use the API!

The main URL of the API is https://api.shareimage.zype.cf/ and you have to add v1 at the last of URL and the only available endpoint is /image. You also have to add parameters in Query as ?paramName=paramValue format!

So, the URL will be https://api.shareimage.zype.cf/v1/image?title=My Awesome Blog&cloudName=myCloud&imagePublicID=myImage. Here cloudName and imagePublicID are the required parameters and know about all parameters in the Documentation of ShareImage.js here. To obtain the cloudName and imagePublicID go to your Cloudinary Management Console (Create a free Cloudinary Account here if you don't have already!) which will be like:

Cloudinary Console Screenshot

Here zype is our Cloud's Name and the imagePublicID will be your image's folder and if you had uploaded it directly then it will be your image's id and without extension.

The URL you gets at last can be used in any image meta tag or in img tag, For example:

<img src="https://api.shareimage.zype.cf/v1/image?title=My Awesome Blog&cloudName=zype&imagePublicID=blog/Post-Image" >

This will return the following Image:

The Produced Image from the API URL.

I hope you liked this article comment if you have questions and make sure to Star the ShareImage.js repo and share this post as much as possible!

Rajdeep Malakar

Rajdeep Malakar